Thursday, March 15, 2018

We're In This Together - New Moon in Pisces

We have a bittersweet New Moon at 26° Pisces on Saturday, March 17th 2018.
The closest aspect the New Moon makes is a conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron has been in Pisces for 8 years now and will leave Pisces to move into Aries as of April 18th 2018.

We are now delving into the last lessons of Chiron in Pisces, and this lesson is particularly important, because the New Moon will bring it to the surface, whether we like it or not.

A New Moon is the magical moment when the two luminaries, the most important bodies in the sky – the Sun and the Moon – come together to start a new chapter, to write a new story.

We have a New Moon in Pisces only once in a year. Only once we are given the opportunity to delve into the waters of Pisces, to explore a whole universe, mysterious and neverending.

Pisces is the trickiest sign to describe – they are the chameleon of the zodiac.
Pisces absorbs the energy around them. Whatever you are feeling, they are feeling too. And if you don’t feel a thing, they don’t either! Because they have a strange ability to become one with the world around them, Pisces can be everything – or nothing.

Pisces is the sign of the sacrifice.
In this regard, Pisces and Chiron have quite a bit in common.
Maybe you are familiar with the archetype of Chiron, the wounded healer.
The archetype comes from an episode from the famous Greek legend, when Hercules accidentally shoots Chiron with a poisonous arrow coated with the blood of Hydra.

Arrows coated with the blood of Hydra were known to cause painful wounds that would never heal. But because Chiron was immortal, he could never die. But he was also not able to heal.

That’s why Chiron in your natal chart shows that wound that never heals. Chiron’s wounds are not your fault, they are not the result of your bad actions. Chiron had to suffer simply because he was born immortal. Chiron is that wound you cannot do anything about.

But there is a twist to Chiron’s story. Ultimately, the Gods agree to release Chiron from suffering and let him die, by allowing him to replace Prometheus on the mountain Tartarus.

Upon his death, Chiron was released from his wound that would never heal and honored with the constellation of Centaurus, one of the largest constellations in the sky.

When Chiron gave up his immortality, ironically – he became immortal.
Your deepest wounds may never heal, but they eventually become your greatest gifts, your legacy, what you leave behind for generations to come.
By embracing your wounds, you allow them to become part of you, by owning them, they stop having power over you.

In Pisces, personal wounds become universal wounds. There is no more “my pain” or “your pain” but the pain we all share, the pain of the universe and all that dwells therein.

And the beauty of this is that in sharing the pain with the world, the illusion of separationdisappears. In pain, as well as in love, there is no more “me”, there is no more “you”, there is only “us”.

Healing happens when you strip down the ego to become one with the world. Healing is being on the same wavelength as the universe.
When you meditate for example and focus on your breath, you are in fact aligning your natural rhythm (inhalation, exhalation) with the rhythm of the universe (expansion contraction).

Arts, dancing, listening to music are nothing else but our attempts to be on the same frequency with the universe. It is in that space of connectedness where your broken parts can come together, where healing is possible.
The New Moon in Pisces is about being together – in pain, in pleasure, in vitality, in sickness – caring about each other.

The New Moon in Pisces is not only conjunct Chiron, but also square Mars and trine Jupiter.

The square to Mars – who is now in the last degree of Sagittarius – is tough, and it hurts.

When something bleeds, it requires your immediate attention. Mars can tear apart your soul and your self-identification (you ego), but fortunately you are not left alone in this struggle.

Jupiter, the co-ruler of the New Moon, applies a beautiful trine aspect to the New Moon. There is hope afterall. Healing will come, eventually.

Many of us have experienced the pain of separation during Chiron’s stay in Pisces. In the past 8 years, Chiron showed us where we find it difficult to connect with the world at large.

The pain of separation is when no matter what you do, you cannot connect with the world, when no matter how hard you try, something inside of you is “off”.
Chiron in Pisces has been asking us to heal the wound of separation, by learning to be vulnerable, to trust others, to connect with the world from a place of authenticity and truth.

Pain can be healed if you immerse into it, if you let yourself go. Remember, separation is only an illusion.

If you’ve been resisting the process, the New Moon in Pisces is your chance to make peace with your wound of separation.

If you have embraced your wound, the New Moon is the time to put it into use. How can you bring the awareness, the healing that came with it, to the next level?
Trent Reznor, the leadsinger of NIN (and a Chiron in Pisces native) captured beautifully the pain – and the bliss – of Chiron in Pisces.

“The farther I fall I’m beside you

As lost as I get I will find you

The deeper the wound I’m inside you

For ever and ever I’m a part of
You and me

We’re in this together now

We will make it through somehow

You and me

If the world should break in two

Until the very end of me

Until the very end of you

NIN – We’re in this together

You will feel the energy of the New Moon stronger if you have planets between 26°-29° in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) or if Chiron plays an
important role in you natal chart (is conjunct Sun, Moon or chart ruler).
Have a look in which house in your natal chart the New Moon takes place to see which area of your life needs healing.

By Astro Butterfly

Sunday, March 11, 2018


At first, Theo Wierema was merely a very persistent individual. For five years, he kept sending letters to my office in Barcelona, inviting me to give a talk in The Hague, in Holland.

For five years, my office replied that my diary was full. My diary was not, in fact, always full, but a writer is not necessarily someone who speaks well in public.  Besides, everything I need to say is in the books and articles I write, which is why I always try to avoid giving lectures.

Theo found out that I was going to record a program for a Dutch television channel.  When I went downstairs to start filming, he was waiting for me in the hotel lobby.  He introduced himself and asked if he could go with me, saying: “I’m not one of those people who simply won’t take “No” for an answer; I think I may just be going the wrong way about achieving my goal”.

We must struggle for our dreams, but we must also know that, when certain paths prove impossible, it would be best to save our energies in order to travel other roads.  I could have simply said “No” (I have said and heard this word many times), but I decided to adopt a more diplomatic approach: I would impose conditions that would be impossible for him to meet.

I said that I would give the lecture for free, but the entrance fee must not exceed two euros, and the hall must contain no more than two hundred people.

He agreed.

“You’re going to spend more than you’re going to earn”. I warned him.  “By my calculation, the cost of the air ticket and hotel alone will cost three times what you will earn if you manage to fill the hall. Then there’s the advertising and the hire of the hall…”

Theo interrupted me, saying that none of this mattered.  He was doing this because of what he could see happening in his work.
“I organize events like this because I need to keep believing that human beings are still in search of a better world. I need to contribute to making this possible”.
What was his work?
“I sell churches”.

And, to my amazement, he went on “I’m employed by the Vatican to select buyers, because there are more churches than there are church-goers in Holland.  And since we’ve had some terrible experiences in the past, with sacred places being turned into nightclubs, condominiums, boutiques, and even sex-shops, the system of selling churches has changed.  The project has to be approved by the community, and the buyer has to say what he or she is going to do with the building.  We normally only accept proposals that include a cultural centre, a charitable institution, or a museum.  And what has this to do with the lecture, and with the other events I’m trying to organize? People don’t really meet together any more, and if they don’t meet, they won’t grow”.
Looking at me hard, he concluded: “Meetings. That was the mistake I made with you.  Instead of just sending e-mails, I should have shown you that I’m made of flesh and blood. Once, when I failed to get a reply from a particular politician, I went and knocked on his door, and he said to me: “If you want something, you need to look the other person in the eye”. Ever since then, that’s what I’ve done, and I’ve had nothing but good results. You can have at your disposal all the means of communication in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace looking someone in the eye”.
Needless to say, I accepted his proposal.

P.S. When I went to The Hague to give the lecture, and knowing that my wife, who is an artist, has always wanted to set up a cultural centre, I asked to see some of the churches that were for sale. I asked the price of one which used to hold 500 parishioners every Sunday, and it cost one euro (ONE euro!), but the maintenance costs can reach prohibitive levels.

By Paulo Coelho